A line of roses lines the street where Michael Brown was shot

Filmed today! 🎥 waiting ‘til my microphone comes in so I can do my first VoiceOver. Should be here by next week but until then. 😁


If he can’t deal with ur stretchmarks, ur belly fat, ur body hair, or the fact that ur pussy doesn’t smell like flowers then u dealing with a lil baby ass nigga. a nigga that complains about shit like that ain’t use to getting any typa pussy or ain’t never seen a bitch naked. We don’t complain about y’all pot bellies, the fact that ur balls hairy as shit or ur receding hairlines but I’m 💤💤 tho!!!!!

I taste her and realize I have been starving.

"President Obama said today that we should probably think about putting some women on our money."
-New York Magazine

'Raise boys and girls the same way' - Jenny Holzer, Instillation, candlestick park 1987

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You don’t know about black pearls, why the whole world sleeping on black girls?

— Andre 3000 (via winefinedarkchicks)

this is truly the walk 

I need this.


harpersbazaarus: “The message is embrace your curves and who you are” - @KimKardashian poses for @AmandaDeCadenet and forgoes retouching for BAZAAR’s May 2010 issue #TBT